Scary Sexy Slippers


Time for another new month of Ninja Slippers! Today’s winner is April Bowlby, who plays the sexy Candy on Two and a Half Men, which just happens to be the best men’s sitcom on network television. Candy may be dumb on the show but she’s so hot it doesn’t even matter.


Today’s Winner is Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson. She might just be one of the hottest female fighters around and fighters TONIGHT at Strikeforce in Denver, CO.



Today’s winner is actress Kate Mara, who just happens to be the granddaughter of NY Giants owner Wellington Mara. Catch her on Brokeback Mountain, Shooter, and We are Marshall.


Today’s winner is Siobhan Parekh.


After a brief hiatus, the ninja slipper is back! Today’s winner is 24 yr. old singer Aubrey O’Day!

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One Comment on “Scary Sexy Slippers”

  1. Just finished watching Shooter…awesome movie…and Kate Mara is gorgeous…27 and 19…that’s acceptable right??

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