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CBeyond Crowne Club

July 17, 2008

It’s been a pretty decent week. Crown Club (Top Sales) was on wednesday night at Sam’s Boat on Richmond. The open bar was definately taken advantage of. Jonas got picked up by some strippers and all of us had fun ordering the premium. By the end of the night, it ended like it started way back in the beginning… with me, Alaina, and Van Dielen at the bar just like we were talking about at our interview. I’m gonna miss this culture just a little bit. If anything, CB sure didn’t lie about work hard, play hard. We still have the Race for the Cup Celebration this week at the track. I’m definately looking to get red-flagged for sure. Nothing good can come out of 30 drunk people dressed in superhero costumes getting into souped-up karts and going 60 mph directly into each other then drinking Crystal out of a big trophy cup afterwards. It’ll be a blast. I’m gonna enjoy every minute of this last week here.

Last monday was MLK day and was definately a day of opportunity for me. Not only did I have an enjoyable day off, but I also got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Details coming in about a week or so.

(Van Dielen, TMiller, & Keinan from CCI)

Friday night was a wash. It was Chris’s birthday so Ash, Travis, and I took him to Chili’s for a little happy hour celebration. A friend of mine was bartending so we were basically going full bore starting early early in the afternoon. It might be fair to say that we were belligerent by 8:30. Stupid decisions made afterwards led to us flatlining and going home at around midnight.

Renegades Extreme Fighting is tonight and about 40 of us are going to support Steve’s fight against Tim. Aftwerwards, we”ll be going downtown with the usual suspects, in addition to Adrienne, her sister, and Ashleigh who is coming with me. It’s gonna be an awesome time!

Cbeyond Christmas Party 2006

July 17, 2008
The CCI Company Christmas Party – December 21, 2005 @ The Black Swan / Omni Hotel

Selerena, Robbie, Shabs, Mike

Katie Le & date

Alaina & the ex Ben

P.F.C. Asian Union Picnic

July 17, 2008

On friday, we had our first annual A.U. picnic at Kitty Hollow Park in Missouri City. We had a turnout of about 25 people and enough food to accomodate 25 more. Co-Founders John Huang and Mike Calimbas did a good job organizing, and President Adelon did a great job at arranging the venue. Our basketball tourneyment was a success and so was our water balloon war, of which nobody got spared. After Kitty Hollow, I went home exhausted from the heat and watched “City of God.” What a crazy movie. I did not know the depth of poverty and crime that existed within the slums of Rio until now. It adds a whole new element to the mystique of Brasilia.

Later on Friday evening, I went running around town seeing different people. I almost made it to Elizabeth Thome’s going away bash at Memorial but ended up going to Kiet Dao’s instead to rendezvous with him, Jahel, Kiet, and Mark. We haven’t seen each other in awhile so that was a good feeling knowing everyone was doing alright. After that, I went to Franken’Steins to celebrate Mark’s birthday. He came in from Austin and was his usual belligerent self. Mark and Mike Thompson are a hell of a duo when hammered. lol. Dumbasses… Saturday night, Eddie, Coconut, and the boys met me up at P.F. Chang’s in Sugarland for dinner. They wanted to go to Rice Village but I talked them into stopping by Baker’s St. Pub in Sugarland for drinks instead. Shabs and Liz joined us for some shots. I also saw Julie Sarenas there with two of her cutest friends. In addition, Sean Tarman was there with Cristina, they’re getting married… that lucky bastard. Others in attendance were Marcus Henderson, Tommy’s Boy, Rachel, Nathan, and James.

Work Christmas Party

July 10, 2008

Here are some pics from the Company Christmas Party, held at Cantina Laredo on 12/15/07.

Alex and I got there around nine

Audra and Lori – Dynamic Duo

Gene lookin’ like Mr. Sugar Daddy

Kinne and Gabe

Melissa and her date

Russell and his wife

Lori and Melissa

Alex teaching me how to salsa dance

Audra and her husband Jimmy

Ronnie Coleman

The dance floor was so much fun

Gabe and his girlfriend

The powers that be

Ben and Emily Evans

Ben Schatte and Emily

Silver W. and his date, Jamie

Gene and Keisha showin’ the love

That’s many millions in revenue right there

Kelsey with Lori and Melissa

Yes, I’m stealing camera time from Lori and her bro

Gene, Silver, and Gabe obviously took trophy dates

Arguably the drunkest table there

Brad and his date.

We danced all night

The perfect way to describe the night