Work Christmas Party

Here are some pics from the Company Christmas Party, held at Cantina Laredo on 12/15/07.

Alex and I got there around nine

Audra and Lori – Dynamic Duo

Gene lookin’ like Mr. Sugar Daddy

Kinne and Gabe

Melissa and her date

Russell and his wife

Lori and Melissa

Alex teaching me how to salsa dance

Audra and her husband Jimmy

Ronnie Coleman

The dance floor was so much fun

Gabe and his girlfriend

The powers that be

Ben and Emily Evans

Ben Schatte and Emily

Silver W. and his date, Jamie

Gene and Keisha showin’ the love

That’s many millions in revenue right there

Kelsey with Lori and Melissa

Yes, I’m stealing camera time from Lori and her bro

Gene, Silver, and Gabe obviously took trophy dates

Arguably the drunkest table there

Brad and his date.

We danced all night

The perfect way to describe the night

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