World Extreme Fighting – 7.18.06

Here are some pictures from last saturday’s World Extreme Fighting event that was held at Toyota Center. It was a good time. The guys got us club level tickets and we had our own bar, as well as our own row of seats. Shaquille O’Neal was there, along with Guy Metzger, Tra Telligman, and Yves Edwards, as usual. Lee King won his fight, which was a good one with Nick Gonzales from Rudy V’s gym in Austin. Chris Bowles, from Lion’s Den, also did a kickass job in his fight. Anyways, here are the pics.

Metro Fight Club Entrance

Marvin Eastman vs. Anthony Rea

Lee King v. Nick Gonzales

John, Forrest, Spencer, Mike

Forrest Flannery

Dave and Sig

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