7.11.06 River Trip

Pop quiz: What’s the smartest thing to do at 1:30 am on a friday night after an evening of drinks and debauchary? If you answered hop in a friend’s car and drive to San Marcos, then you are correct! Myself and Chris Wach decided to do just this on friday night. We arrived in the city of rivers and co-eds at about 4:30 in the morning. I was going to crash at Erik’s place at Post but he didn’t unlock his door like he said he was going to do. We waited all of 5 minutes before I decided to call Kris. I thought he was going to be passed out yet some chick answered his phone and said him and five girls went to go get something to eat. Ok, so after getting lost all over campus, we made it to my brother’s townhouse before sunlight.

The weekend was yet another fun one. “Penn State” Nate happened to be in San Marcos as well, as he was called in from offshore because of hurricanes. When we got to Kris’ house, he was passed out and looking like a watermelon on the couch. We were going to deface him ala college humor, but we decided against it and let him go to bed. When we got up the next day, we met up Corey and Nicole at walmart and spent the day in the river. Because of those four hours spent with just 3 people drinking 48 beers, I got pretty inebriated. By the time we got off the river, I was baked and fried! A six year old girl could have kicked me and there would have been nothing I could do!

A 2 hour nap later at around 11, we all decided to head off to the square and barhop swingers-style. So many women, so little time. THat was the theme that could have titled the evening. We went off into five or six different establishments, running into plenty of people along the way. I even ran into Caleb Roberts and Lara, who were there visiting his brother. Then it was off to the Pi Kapp House.

The Pi Kapp river house was a great time! It was my first time at that place even though my brother had lived there the last few semesters with a few of the other Rho class brothers. Its a nice house compared to the other fratholes I’ve been to in my time. They had a big flatscreen, a whole band setup, and a killer killer patio! I spent pretty much the whole kegger playing in the world flip cup championships against the seasoned drinkers of san marcos. The sugarland team was the last one to win the trophy! Then we were out. After Taco Cabana and a morning worth of the worst hangover ever known to man (16 beers on the river shots and beer on the sqaure about 10 more beers at the pi kapp house = uggh….) we departed san marcos and I wake up monday morning, a whole day after I got home. The end. (for now)

A few more pictures from this weekend…

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