The Pool & Jess’ Birthday

So I just terminated the employee that used to work at ‘Boiler Room’ in New York. He lasted all of one day and had an attitude that would make most New Yorkers seem as pleasant as Kristin Bell in a sundress.  Lesson he learned that everyone else could benefit from: Don’t be an asshole with an entitlement issue and no skills to back it up. Thanks for playing.

In other news, fun time was had at the pool this past Sunday playing bolo golf and drinking with good friends. Good to see the usuals, along with Amanda, Molly, Steph Bradshaw, Tug, and a bunch of other people I didn’t expect to see. Rice Village was equally enjoyable the evening before with Damon, Kris, and the Pol sisters. But my favorite part was Friday, which was the most casual weekend day. Sherlock’s after work, late-night dinner at Hobbit Cafe, a stop-by to Ra for J-Mac’s birthday, and then going home to watch random tv until 3am. Damn butterflies keep flyin’ around my stomach now. On the way to the gym to get’em kicked out of me now. Hasta manana.

The Pol Sisters (Sandra, Rose, Lilliana) and I at the Uptown pool.

Good friends all around!

J-Mac, Ash, Lizzy, etc. etc. etc. at Ra

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