The Launch Party

The Launch Party

What an absolutely crazy time! Between everyone running around with their own personal champagne bottles and the silly dancers and all the other craziness that went on, this thing was INSANE! I bet most of everyone that came was stuck in bed until six the next day. I’m saying that because GNZ was permanently attached to my couch for the entire day, unable to cook, clean, or get a mop. LOL. Personally, and like usual, I made it a point to clean the place up very early in the morning, which wasn’t what woke everyone up. In any case, it was a very good time and I’m glad everyone had fun. We’re going to do it again in the very near future. Here is
the picture album but below are a few of my faves.

Special Thanks to our sponsors: GNZ’s Roses, Rangel Tamale’s, Mexcor, The Drunken Ninja Clan, and Junker, our in-house counsel.

Madison’s Birthday & Crome

As far as the rest of the weekend, and we’ll just remove Saturday b/c its like it didn’t happen this week, we had an awesome time! Chris, Kris, and I went on to Madison’s 2nd Birthday Party on Sunday. The pool at Sienna is great, with waterslides and high diving boards and all, so we ran around and had a good old time. Barring the injuries from the brutal game of musical chairs (Mariam won $65), it was really fun. We ended off the week at Crome with the girls and our 1 pimp, Chea, who was kind enough to comp some brutal shots of Jaeger to snap me back into reality.

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