YippyKya Launch Party

So last night was an unexpected excursion out. After a topsy/turvy 24 hours filled with bad chinese food, teleconferences, and a lop-sided pool table, I certainly did not expect to be going out on this hump day. Paula, however, can be a very persuasive cousin sometimes. Not only that, but upon discovering that Laura and her bro Felipe we going to be at Kona as well, it was a no-brainer to meet up. Surprisingly, we ran into a few other people at the Galleria as well. It turns out that Rich from TGIF in Sugarland is bartending there now. (awesome!) Also, Jay-R, Tony, Sara, and a few others I haven’t seen in ages we there as well so it was cool catching up with them. After a few drinks/conversations, we headed downtown to Rich’s (haven’t been there since the old thursday deals like 100 years ago) for the Yippy Kya Launch Party. It’s amazing to me that a small social networking startup would throw a huge red carpet event like this. I thought facebook, myspace, frienster, etc. had that entire niche covered. I guess there’s enough dollars to go around… Anyways. Pictures.

The Girls @ Kona.

Crissy and Swan having a moment…

notice the disparity in drink levels…

(L-R) Paula, Chad, Swan, Me, Mariam

swan’s friends love violating her for some reason

Discussing our own launch party for Houston Concepts… (check the website)

paula donato magnum pose

It wouldn’t be Rich’s without…

Well… ya know.

She moves her little toosh on the catwalk..

Customary Mariam and Swan Pose

i ? these people.

… all of them!

Damnit Paula. We can’t take you anywhere!


Enjoy the rest of your weeks!

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