July 4th Weekend 2007

So 4th of July week is coming and going before our very eyes. Independence Day came and went without much fanfare, which was actually kind of nice. I spent the majority of the afternoon spending some quality time with my Mom at my parents’ place before heading back to Houston. My brother, Chris, and I eventually made it out to a dinner party Blair invited Kris to. All this time and I had no idea that the Blair my brother always referes to is actually Bryce’s sister. Very small world. Both Bryce and his father, James, were at the dinner party so we enjoyed watching the tennis match and talking film before heading off to watch Transformers late night. That was the entire 4th of July Celebration. Very nonchalant. … I wish I could say the same for the day prior. We went to Kona and 702 but passed on Bond and midtown. Instead, we went back to our place to party, minus the offending tripod, to finish off the evening and attempt to solve the mystery of the missing featherbed.Here are some pics:

(Karen, Ash, Adrien, and I from last Friday)

Mariam, Paula, and Swan Fabulous!

Ramiro & Bhasia

Junker devying up the tab. (its not his)

Pretty People

Chris and his new friend

The Jews

Can you spot the innocent-looking one?

Mike & the Astros – the only 2 things that can convince Andy to go downtown.

Bidding for Chad starts at $1.
Comment your bids here.


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