Rice vs. UH Tailgate

I spent Saturday Afternoon tailgating with some alumni friends of mine from UH. THanks Brad for inviting me. It was an awesome and inebriating time. Though I did lose at poker, couldn’t catch a football if my life depended on it, and got drunk and left at halftime to go chase figments of my imagination, I also had an awesome time with friends I haven’t seen in awhile and met new ones. I also won some titles in my four hours at beerfest. I am now the barefoot punting champion of Sugarland, as well as the Flip Cup Champion of Rice Village. Now if I could only beat up the nerds chanting “UT Rejects”…. Goddamnthem for being right. LOL. Thanks again to Brad for the invite and also to Chad & John for taking care of the kegs and good. You guys are awesome. I’ll probably see you at the Tulane game next weekend. Anyways, here are some of the pics…

the final table at poker. i went all in because i was drunk and bored… Much better playing catch by the RV.

UH International – the german & czech girl with Omega Tri (the independent fraternity Brad and I started) …notice our hand sign?

decent kegstand… 10 seconds.

good kegstand. 265 ibs. man  at 12 or so seconds..

17 seconds. Pretty good for a Tulane grad…

WINNER! 20 seconds on one hand, flashing the Brazilian, while doing push-ups!!!

RIce U. Police… Not very attentive. If you can’t catch someone peeing on your car in broad daylight, I’m not too confident that you should be fighting crime…

I went to the actual game for a half then I left…

…so I didn’t have to beat this girl up for putting that on her stomach. kidding…

HOUSTON (Sept. 3) Rennaissance Rice turned out to be very much the engagingly successful, encouragingly transitional experience long-suffering Owl fans hoped it would be here Saturday night.  But apparently just a drop of the leftover old, tired blood still coursed in Sammy’s veins, given that the University of Houston managed to overcome a 16-point Rice lead in the last 17 minutes of play to defeat the Owls, 31-30, in the season opener for both teams.

The result left the Owl players, not to mention their coaches and fans, mentally grasping for the one, single, solitary play that could have put away the game for the Owls.

Obviously, that play could’ve been a converted extra point after the Owls scored to go ahead, 27-14 just before the halftime clock ticked down.

It could have been a slight change in plane geometry allowing a Rice defender to maintain the angle on UH’s Anthony Aldridge, keeping him out of the end zone and preventing the winning touchdown from being scored late in the game.

It might have been the play, mid-way through the third quarter, when Rice quarterback Chase Clement twisted his ankle after disappearing into a pile of Coogs on the visitors’ sideline, an injury which he appeared to shake off, but which clearly affected his ability to cut, plant his foot for the pass and probably hurt like hell for the rest of the game, to boot, which couldn’t have done much for his powers of concentration.

The list could go on and on. In fact, Rice head coach Todd Graham said afterward, “I asked our kids in the locker room, who wanted to take a play back. They all raised their hands.”

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