Hyper’s Birthday 2006

I’m so hung over and a few brain cells short due to the incredible night of drinking that was Hyper’s birthday last night. I was supposed to drive down to Austin for ACL with Vanessa but ended up not being able to so I just ended up staying in houston. Who would have thought that Wild West could be so damaging physically and financially. I don’t remember much except for inhaling bull blasters like oxygen, taking a beer bath with Hype, the T-Rex mating call by Jino’s car, and French Toast a 5am. Sorry for depriving you of your own bed Manalo, 3’s company and 4’s a crowd on that thing. At least my drunk ass turned it over to you before sunrise. Anyways, short term memory loss due to irresponsible alcoholism is a bitch so here are the pictures, courtesy of the birthday boy.

Hyper’s Birthday Blog

We started off at Amanda’s house with jello shooters! Not the best of plans, but still a plan!



Then onto Zake’s where we drank well of course a lot of Sake!!!


Then the real drunk fest began at wild west!  A group of three became a clan of many!!!



The bartenders were great and put up with us jackasses!



Well enough talking just look for yourself at the downward departure the crew took!!!













oooh and has anyone seen my purse????


some overdue pics from last week…

I took my parents and uncle to the Texan’s season opener against the Eagles. It was nice to spend a little bit of family time. My brother was in town for Mom’s birthday and spent last Saturday at home after having sushi at Todai. Here are some pics from the game.

one more day left in the weekend before I’m back in my office staring out the window, dreaming of actually buying one of the cars at the dealership next door… It’s probably for the best. This weekend I (1) spent over $100 on “$1 drinks” at Wild West. (2) Bought a bluetooth earpiece that I’ll never use. and (3) Purchased a 3-Day Pass to Austin City Limits to go see Junior Gong, Tom Petty, & Willy Nelson  but may not even go at all. My wallet really needs to stop throwing up everywhere.
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