08/06 ATX Vacation

our hotel on 4th street

One of these days, I’m going to need to stop doing random crazy shit… A few buddies and I had a serious case of wallet vomit this weekend when we spontaneously decided to get a deluxe room at the Austin downtown Hilton for the weekend. Me and Spencer originally decided (at 7am friday morning) to go to my brother’s place in San Marcos but plans changed when Mark & Jino decided to come. Apparently, we all needed to get away and have a spontaneous vacation.

a room with a view on the 23rd floor

We got into austin at about 10pm on Friday night. I tell you what, from now on, every time I stay in Austin, I am definately staying at the same Hilton. It’s a stones throw from the bars on 6th and 4th. Not only that but there are so many hotties in the lobby that you probably wouldn’t even need to leave to have a good time. The hotel bar has awesome martinis and I won’t even talk about what happens at the pool from 4-7 every day. The massage therapist from Detroit tells me its always an awesome time.

mark, the general, and I at friend’s

Friday night was spent traversing from bar to bar to bar. An explosion and four flaming Dr. Pepper’s at Touche, Tuaca shots on the roof of Maggie May’s, Irish Carbombs at Logan’s, and ultimately, an awesome $4 bar tab or shots and beers with Colleen at Friend’s. (thanks ma’am.) I almost get thrown under a very large bus by Mr. Sandlin but I run away before it is too late. The whole night was funny crazy. Retarded dolphins and all. They really believed that I work at Sea  World. Simply put, we got hammered, met some interesting people, and ate some good pizza from Ropollo’s. I woke up wrapped in a comforter and 3 pillows. Normal enough… but how the f*ck does one wake up in a bathtub?!?

Colleen, Austin’s best bartender, at friend’s

Waking up took until about after noon on Saturday morning. All our phones were completely dead and Jino has gone AWOL. We somehow managed to order a pizza delivery past 3am the previous night so that tides us over and pacifies us. That explains the utter lack of motivation to move. We discussed going shopping (tax-free weekend), running around Austin, visiting friends in San Marcos, etc. Eventually, we go to Mongolian BBQ and feed ourselves again before driving to Kris’ place in San Marcos to play Super Mario Bros on the original nintendo with Harris and Adrian. We hung out there until my brother gets home and we all run next door to watch the feeding.

Mike’s Advice #895 – life is so fleeting, live every second like it’s your last!

This is actually an interesting story. Sam and JRod next door have this python named Trip. That crazy snake is always around girls’ necks whenever there is a party. Well a month ago, the cage is left open and the snake slithers away, never to be seen again. They think it’s lost in the woods forever but then yesterday, Sam finds it under the dryer. Well the damn thing is hungry and hasn’t eaten or drank in a month so they go to the store and buy the biggest rat they can find… Personally, I felt like Steve Erwin watching Trip devouring Splinter!

Trip feeding on a very large rodent

Now it’s back to Austin we go. We’re surprised to find Jino still in Austin because he has to work in Houston at 6am. The crazy bastard decided to pull an all-nighter and drive straight to work after he took a 2 hour nap. Anyways, back in town and we go back to our hotel to get ready before heading out for some noodles on 4th on the way to Foundation to meet Saman and friends for her birthday celebration. It’s the first time I’ve met all of Shab’s friends (she talks about them ALL the time) and I feel like I’ve known these people forever. Everyone’s reputations precede them and are all very nice! Awesome time. And Foundation… wow. The ratio of pretty women to ugly women is like 95 to 1. Lots of pretty people. You would think drinks would be expensive but they are reasonable with no cover. We run into Lindsey Pate and her man for a little bit. I didn’t even know they were in Austin but Jino saw them outside…

a partial view of the sea of hotties at Foundation

After a number of drinks and losing my debit card, me and Spencer hop on a bicycle chariot and make the trek to 6th street, racing hotties in other wheeled-vehicles along the way. The whole reason for getting down to sixth was to visit Colleen at Friend’s. We have a laid-back good time for a little while until the bar closes and we head back to the room. Again, I have no idea why I keep waking up in the pitch dark inside the bathtub. I think it’s a sign.

Jino & Spencer in the Hilton lobby

Mark really killed that mini-bar so I make the call and we leave pre-check out, eat at Cartwright’s in Bastrop, and head home. Right now, we just got back to Sugarland, are watching movies, and checking voicemail from our back-to-life phones. Apparently, we’re going skydiving next weekend! Damnit. I’m never going to learn my lesson!

A Few Random Pictures from the Trip

All this gin and no tonic! Hold your breath and the shots don’t hurt as much!

Random girls, random piggy back rides: By Mr. Sandlin

Ashley and friend at Foundation

Retarded Spencer helping to…. “Keep Austin Weird!”

the steady walk to the hotel from 6th Street

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