Ricardo Talavera – 2007 Birthday

What can I say about Ricardo’s Birthday? Words cannot explain but as I carried Antonio the half-a-mile back to the car, it dawned on me that we have such an awesome crazy group of friends. I know this is a bit elitist, but I wouldn’t trade you degenerate bastards for anyone in the world! And oh my god, how did an innocent night of birthday dinners and blacklight bowling turn into carrying multiple drunken ninjas out of the bar in defeat? You people are crazy. Now on to the pictures!

The first of about many rounds of shots. How did minor get inside?

Ray Blodget – The brawlin’ Bowler

Easy E – Bowling’s Pretty Boy

Stance of the year by Dallas

Utterly defiant…

Ashley = Silver Medalist Bowler.

The Red Team’s Only Hope!

Vato Loco

Stupid Pet Tricks

King Kong is Expert Level 

I love putting my balls between her legs!

Sparta? This IS booooo shiiiiiiiiiiiit!

The Drunken Ninja Bowling Team before the drunkeness hit!

Nipples ready for liftoff!

The King is here.

For Ajay for never calling anyone.

$100 for the best caption. Comment below.

Eric is the white michael jackson!

Liz. The other white meat.

Find Joe Boo in this picture.

Jino showing off in front of Thurgood the Janitor!

Der der der.

This dude REALLY likes Adrien.

…and he ain’t the only one.

Female Ninja Warriors @ Drink!

Not 1, or 2, but THREE manwhores. Ron F*ckin Jeremy.

My brother felt taken for his time and company.


International Pop Sensation… Jino Manalo.


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