Beer Goggles

How does one woman take down three drunken ninjas? Well, the answer goes deeper than most of you are willing to follow. This weekend of sheer debauchery culminated in a game of kings (actually 4 in a row) that consumed more alcohol than 4 people and a horse should be able to finish.


First, here are the pics from Friday’s fun romping. We started at Uptown Park (Tasting Room, Uptown Sushi) before heading out to midtown to check out Bond & Fix… … and Pub Fiction, Roof, Next for the rest of the crew who got lost.

Me with Paula, Adrien, & Chad at Uptown Sushi

Bonnie & Clyde Ninja’ing it up

Hyper with Swan and Paula at the Tasting Room

at Fix

With Loshak and Lyndsie

The Hyper and Bullet Show!

A Prelude…


Yeah, let’s just say it all started innocently enough. After a day of cleaning house and grocery shopping, I planned on doing something really nice and cooking for a small non-alcoholic dinner party. I even used both ovens to make 2 different types of chicken entrees, some pasta with my famous tomato sauce, and some mashed potatoes. Ash came by and made a carrot cake. Everyone ate well. And then…. everything changed. We found cards. We laid them on the table… Four bottles of alcohol and a case of beer later and people were running around topless and wrapped with leaves. Ninjas were getting beat the hell up. We were helpless! and unfortunately… here is the proof.

Dinner for six by Mike Calimbas

Yum Yum.

Ramiro joins the party

I beat Jino ten times in a row on this actual tv.

Beer goggles!

Beer goggles with belts on!

Whoever drew the low card had to molest Ramiro’s lap!

Then the leaves came out… I mean, we raped the backyard.

And not only were leaves getting ripped off, so were clothes!!!

Jino does the dance of joy. 🙂

4 or 5 months. I can’t remember but i doesn’t matter anymore! Muy Bien!

The last happy moment before I started to get beat up.

Here she comes, a path of destruction…

Reverse Triangle. How of you normal people think you can pull this off?

Armbarring Jino. Look at his eyes! Ha ha. No eye contact here!

GNZ laid to waste.

Bullet is done also.

By the 4th game, we were playing on fumes. Notice GNZ with his green tea and gin.

Nuff said.

Bullet retires.


Guess who.

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