Sometimes, its better to take a break from the insanity that is your typical social/nightlife scene and spend a quiet weekend at home with close friends. Well, not to say it happened on purpose. Our original intent was going to the river in San Marcos for a float. That then changed into a supposed trip to Freeport for wakeboarding and beach fun. Well the rain nixed that idea, so finally, we were set on “Beer Olympics” aka the “Bar Shower.” T’was a fun-filled evening actually. We played drinking games galore all the whilst laughing and having fun. In the midst of our showing Jino’s lovely sister Isa a good time, Christopher had managed to ride his motorcycle across the block to the house behind us, which was equally as noisy, yet beridden with a plethora of high schoolers. He even managed to bring one back, in the form of Cookie’s brother, who had beguiled these impressionable young children into giving up their beer for the greater good. This continued on to the next day, when Dallas and Leslie came over to watch the live UFC from Belfast, Ireland en route to going to Renegades to support George at his MMA fight downtown. Well anyways, it is now Sunday, and a special one at that, Father’s Day. So to all my close friends out there with children, as well as the impending daddies, this day is for you guys. Cheers!

playing drinking games by yourself can get pretty lonely.

lets bring out some friends…

uhm, not those kind of friends just yet…

Spencer Sandlin makes his appearance.

Adrien & Ashleigh in what appears to be a smokey room.

Mr. Rangel & Vinnie Chase with Jino’s impressionable young sister.

Adrien & Ryan’s sister

Contributing to Minors… err… actually, he was contributing to us.

I look very downtrotten. Or maybe I just look like I’ve had too much to drink…

Christopher’s Cock Magnet scares Junker into submission.

Mr. and Mrs. Smiley Face

The blue belts talk strategy while white belt studies in the background.

The scared Elle witnesses her first rear naked.

Moments after asphyxiation.

Elle = Temple University’s finest Ballerina

And I almost forgot, Ashley was there all night. Literally. In that very spot.

© Drunken Ninja Clan Martial Arts Management Agency aka DNC’s MAMA.

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