Marissa Wu – Birthday 2007

OMG… Does my head hurt?!?! Don’t answer that…. Aside from having to come up to the office to send out a report on a Sunday, my hung-over morning was actually well spent watching TaleSpin and The Rescue Rangers on the Apple to fulfill my Sunday morning cartoon quota! And despite the fact that everyone at the house is still undoubtedly passed out, I’m already trying to figure out how the hell I can afford to go to 311/Matisyahu tonight on good conscience with the burden of spending multiple hundreds of dollars on bottle service at Crome last night for Marissa’s birthday. I think somehow, several people owe me some $$$ so hopefully, I won’t have to wait in line for government assistance and food stamps tommorow! In any case, here are the pics that tell the story of a very drunken evening…
Birthday girl and her man 

Brittney, Lanna, & Liz 

Chris scratching his ass with the chains 

Sledge did a good job of guarding our table 

Chris & Lanna 

My old consigliere faces off with my SUIT! 

The Suit & Ash 

Uh Oh! Double Trouble as another CALIMBAS enters the picture! 

Lanna Dub – moving to Houston in 2 weeks! Awesome! 

Don’t forget to tip your waitress! 

Of course, the Muay Thai Clinch! 


Of course Ms. Sledge likes chains and boo-shee! 

Stay tuned for Judo Joseph on Rice Professors gone wild! 

Bitter beer Kris? 

This is how my tab became $200+. I thought you were on my side Suit? 

Obligatory Random Girl Shot 

Me & Kristi… 

And Eric…. 

Go ahead Ajay…. make a comment about the fight pose. LOL. 

Chea – Drunken Ninja Security Captain 

Birthday Girl & her Korean 



Jennifer S. holding my brother up was a sign it was time to go. LOL. 

The Exit Pic 

Sponsors: Special Thanks to my main man Chea, who saved us from cover charge death at Crome and for finding us a badass table with chains and sh*t. Also, thanks to Grey Goose and her sidekick, Red Bull, for f*cking up my evening. And of course, to my suit, Junker, who was kind enough to host the UFC 73 Pre-Game at his Condo by the Bread Factory! 

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One Comment on “Marissa Wu – Birthday 2007”

  1. Condo Says:

    happy birthday but it’s too late heheh

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