311 Concert

So the 311/Matisyahu concert was a whole lot of fun. Its funny how we had planned this thing a month or so in advance and ended up going spontaneously. LOL. See, we were so tired from Crome the night before that I hadn’t thought about it. April B. called me late afternoon out of the blue and spontaneously wanted to go too. So an hour before the show, Chris, Nicole, April, Ash, and muself drove off for the woodlands, ticketless, to find an adventure. It certainly was one on the way up. Nicole and April were hard at work and by the time we got there, I was lucky to have known my own name!

Matisyahu beatboxing was my favorite performance.

Also, little did I know that I would be sweating like a death row inmate all night! All the precipitation and humidity turned the hill into one big slip-and-slide. My greatest pride and joy of the night actually wasn’t the beers or stealing sips out of April and Ash’s swirls, it was rescuing several people from the humility of a muddy fall. Justin & Ty Moon came with their girlfriends and ran into us so we ended up planting our chairs around the same slippery spot. It really was fun sitting there watching people fall all night. Other than passing around spliffs, and watching drunken rednecks wrestling around in the mud, the falling was my personal highlight. As for me though, this badass did not fall at all. I was spinning, sliding, even slaloming through crowds of people to get on and off the hill but I did not fall, not even once. Yeah!

Drunken Redneck Mud Wrestling

April & Nicole

Anyways, we closed out the evening to 311’s “Who’s Got the Herb” as we took the 2 second walk to the car, only to traverse the rest of the way home in complete exhausted silence.

April & I with a sleeping little one.

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