Lake Austin Party Barge Weekend

June 27 was D-Day for the start of an amazing summer vacation. Even as I crashed the PC lunch meeting, I was already in party mode with my two giant margaritas… ..a prelude to my first vacation power nap. After that, my logistics almost worked in that I  had 5 out of 7 road trippers ready to leave on time. Despite the wait, we had fun with the ATX pre-party at the house since Lori, Christina, and Karen came over to drink tons of Red Bull and chill out. They ended up spending the night in my room as we left them behind to go to Austin around eight.

Damon, Sarah, and Andy all drove so it was an every-man-for-themselves scramble down I-10 and 290 all the way to Hilton in downtown Austin. By the time check-in was all said and done, we ended up having four rooms. The girls had their room on the private floor on the 26th and the rest of us were scattered on the 23rd. Recipe for disaster much?

Drinking commenced without a hitch. Actually for passenger me, it started before we left with Johnny walker green. Johnny was a good road trip companion that’s for sure. And upon getting to the room, a quick pre-party across an entire floor was all we needed before unleashing hell on Sixth Street.

Kim – who is your friend?

Chatting with Stephanie. Top Five ever!

Blind pig and Maggie moo got the majority of attention for the night. Coyote ugly girls looked like a dancing massage parlor employee meetings. Other bars were full and not so appealing. And BP/mm had a rooftop. Sold. We ran into Stephanie Fletcher and watched snowboarding before the main event back at the hotel at 3am.

3am photo in front of the fountain time!

I don’t even know which room the royal rumble took place in but I feel as though I should have paid money for being there. I know Daemon did. He was like a kid crashing a drunken slumber party on his birthday. I think he finished twice.  Kidding but you get the idea…  LOL. The DNC and the ninja slipper clan running amuck in Austin. Good times!

Drunken Ninja Slipper Cheer Squad!

LOL. Y’all should see the picture after this one. Silly!


Attack of the Ninja Slipper!

Drunken Kimmie-Face!

Time for the boat party! Saturday morning brought along the challenges of hangovers, finding directions, and driving the hour or so to the lake in a mad dash to get there on time. The ninja slippers rode the scenic route with Andy and I. We got to the boat front marina with time to spare. We settled into our spot on the 2nd level of the ark as the captain shouted his directions. The lax rules certainly paved the way for our good times as we sailed away to devil’s cove.

Arriving at Boat Front Docks.


Eric P. & Sarah


Leaving Devil’s Cove

Its funny how the boat party makes up the least memories I had for the weekend… Maybe it was because it was an alcohol-induced good time! In any case, thank God for having friends with cameras! We enjoyed the scenery and got tanked both in and out of Lake Travis. Many a Joel shot accompanied the beer and Eric’s go-go juice made the sun bearable. By the time it was all over, our sun-dried minds were filled with mush. Lake Travis had done its job.

The view from Oasis

Now we managed to make it to Oasis for our post-lake vittles. It looked pretty cool out there like we were on a Greek Island getaway but it was also hot as hell. And to that end, getting back to home base became top priority.

Sauna, pool, steam room, hot tub, shower room. Not necessarily in that order and some more than others but that pretty much made the early evening at the Hilton. We actually got ready and headed out close to 11pm.

Sarah, Kim, Lyndie, Sarah

The library was okay but the real fun was to be had on 4th street at Qua. I still can’t believe that an ATX club would have a shark and stingray filled aquarium under the dance floor but that was pretty fun. We all got pretty tanked before the pedi-cab mad dash back to the hotel.

Caution: Shark in the dance floor!

The rest of the early morning gets cloudy. I know I didn’t get to go to bed until almost morning. I managed to catch Sarah and Lydnie out and about with Rafael Rojas. I didn’t see Luis de la Fuente and almost fell asleep on the hallway floor. Apparently, the hallway got pretty tore up and someone was escorted back to his or her room. And lastly, a DNC member put on a ninja slipper and woke up with a bible next to his head.

Best hangover cure in the world – the DNC spa treatment and a breakfast buffet at iron cactus. Mission accomplished. Back to Houston. The end.

Drunken Ninja Spa Team

Damon on his “cheat day”

Time to go home kids!

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