Cannot Find Nemo… —  Tropical clownfish – the stars of the Finding Nemo – face extinction five years after the Disney film was released and the movie may be playing a part in their downfall, according to a new report.

Irony is Disney making a popular movie about the value of a fish’s life and then finding out the real-life star is facing extinction a few years later because of popular demand. Looks like Dory and Nemo’s dad will have more trouble trying to find Nemo now…

How about you? Witnessed anything ironic lately?

~ Mike

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One Comment on “Cannot Find Nemo…”

  1. jane Says:

    Clownfish are beautiful creatures…they’re definately more popular since Finding Nemo came out…have seen many photos and paintings of them pop up…i like this one in particular so much i have to share it with everyone:

    gotta love clownfish..

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