Labor Day 2007

Labor Day Weekend was celebrated in spectacular fashion by the good folks of the DNC at Crome. Pictures below.

Starting off the afternoon…

The A&M Boys before chatting with Ms. A&M and her sister.

We decided to get a table and bottle service overlooking the dance floor.

Kimber, Brandy, and Kris

The boys!

Random Asian Chicks.

Krista joined the action.

We’re good tippers!

Chea – DNC Master Chief and the man of 1,000 Chamagne Bottles

Random Teachers


Ramiro rode up on his vespa.

Who’s lucky blackass puerto rican hand is that?!?!

Krista and her girls.

Uh oh boys. We have competition. LOL.

Kimber & Brandy.

April and Paula….

They love each other.

Lisa and her mean friend.

I was too trashed to have an intelligent conversation at this point. My bad girls.

Spencer doesn’t like papparazi.

Did the boobies hurt your arm dawg?

Whoa now.

Morning after at Spencer’s Loft.

Veni, vidi, vici,
Mike Cali

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