Friday Night in Midtown (8/31/07)

I knew that snorkeling beers in the office after teaching a day-long training class was going to set off a chain of events that would end up in dramatic fashion as always. But then again, how could I not participate in “Free Beer Fridays” at the start of a three day weekend…

Oh, I know, I know… maybe because the dinner at my house which I invited my parents and siblings to was less than two hours away and I had neither cleaned, nor cooked, anything! So here I am, stumbling out of the office after a blitzkrieg of drinking… Focused, I made my way to Kroger and did the requisite shopping before making it back to tidy up the place and cook an amazing feast, if I may say so myself. Baked Atlantic Salmon filled one-side with stuffing, mushroom caps filled with ground beef and topped with some fresh herbs, seasoned ribeye steaks, and some asparagus simmered in olive oil and we were good to go! I’m definitely the best chef in the 007. Special thanks to Spencer for helping out and taking the time to have dinner with my family. In short, my parents’ first visit to the new house since I moved in four months ago was a success and I couldn’t be any happier about it! And it was good to sit and chat with the folks. I really miss them so much sometimes…

In keeping with the whole work/life/play balance thing, we then set off to Zake to meet up with a plethora of primped pretty people. Last night was actually Christy’s Birthday so Paula and her crew were there celebrating before heading off to their crowded ass table at Bond. My brother and Blair picked up Krista and met us there as well. Likewise, VACK was there with the DNC replacements. It’s funny to say but Ash and I made a bet on which group, her girls or me and my boys, could game better last night. I think it’s safe to say that we kicked their ass. Karen and V were out of commission and Ash was all bark and no bite. The only one that was ’bout it’ was April, but then again, that’s why you’re the shit honey.So… Laura Ashley Harry, you know you owe me a nice vodka dinner at the Russian Bear. What’s right is right and I fully expect payment from you. And the Mexican Frank Sinatra, I don’t even know where you guys ended up going after Zake! All I know is that Spencer and Jino got separated from the herd, Andy had to play Captain S-A-H, VDiddy came out and was passing out everywhere, and I somehow awoke this morning to a stop sign curiously placed in my yard.

So in between Zake, Bond, Roof, Escobar, and Whiskey Creek, last night was pretty insane. I can’t believe I ran into so many people I haven’t seen in years. Sarah S., Da Silva, Jen S, J. Sloat, Troy G… to name a few. I think the highlight was my brother punkin’ a peein’ drunkass in the Whiskey Creek bathroom. Poor guy. He was just trying to pee and lean on the wall at the same time. His pant leg just got in the way of his stream and there was nothing we could do but laugh and cheer him on! And when the random birthday girl kissed KC right in front of her boyfriend… that was pretty crazy! Other than that, the club pizza boys made me laugh my ass off b/c at 2am…Watching the usual Midtown Millionaire types gorge down the pizza in the parking lot was like seeing raccoons in your garbage can! You can certainly dress those bitches up but goddamn, you can’t take them anywhere sometimes. Ladies, please… next time, wipe the tomato sauce off of your faces before trying to act like you’re hot. After all, its light in the parking lot and we can see how the makeup has washed off your face in the club. Its not classy. And really, that $10k boob job did not save you from looking like a moron. Just FYI… But RELAX, i’m just joking…. lol.. Anyways, it was good seeing Robert Horry… BUT nothing topped Spence walk into my house at 4am ala Kramer from Seinfeld carrying a rather large street sign. Now THAT was classic.

Blair, you look like you’re about to bite someone and turn them into a vampire.

Me and Keke.


Kris lookin’ Jolly.

I’ll elbow a girl in the neck!


Pre-V-Diddy and the biggest camera in the world. I need your pictures V. You took some really good ones at Zake. I want them all.

Ari Gold and Shabs. Peace in the middle east homey!

Who is this and what is happening? Winning comment wins a prize from me.

Rockin’ out with mah Poolah at Esco.

Smolen likes to spill drinks!

Who the f*ck are you two and how did you get in that picture?!?!

These pics were from Andy’s camera only. Please send me the rest. You know who you are.

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