I don’t even remember what day this was… but damn, we had a county good time! Kris, Chris, and I started it off at DNC Westchase HQ, pre-partying DNC style with the Pol Sisters and our ghetto foosball table…

Meanwhile… at the DNC Memorial Lair… (that’s not water)

Hyper, Noelle (!), and friends are pre-partying themselves DNC Style! (way to hold down that side of town in style sir!)

Me and my bro make it to WW to meet up with V, Chad, etc. …

Then Hyper (+ 10 behind him) enter the fray!

Boobie High-Fives all around.


Right back at you.

STOP! Is Mike Calimbas going to have to choke a bitch?

Yes. That just happened.

Chad seemed drunk.

…or was it just DNC Ninja Trickery???

DNC Reunited. Everytime Hyper & Bullet combine forces, the whole world seems to spin for everyone…< p>

To Be Continued on Friday – 9/14… Who’s with us?

Happy Birthday to the Co-Founder of the DNC, Hyper, who will be starting the Los Angeles Lair of the DNC in style this weekend!

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