January in Austin

2008 has been a blast so far….

We like to take an out-of-town vacation at least once or twice every quarter. This year, we started it off we a random excursion to Austin, TX… Now we didn’t leave until Saturday BUT we did start partying on Friday so the weekend’s vacation was somewhat semi-local. Here are the pics.

Rockband on Friday started off the weekend.

From then, it was off to Wild West to party with Liz Rose and Boles and the girls.

Kris and Jessica.

The Three Amigos.

On Saturday, Chad, Kris, and I made it to Austin by 8pm, but only after a four hour detour into Schulenburg. Apparently my brother is not all the best for directions.

We met up with like 30 ppl and missed about 10 more but we started off with meeting up with Corey at the Blind Pig after checking in to our room at the Hilton.

Speaking of which, here is a pic of the mini bar.

And our view from 1218 was AWESOME.

The hot tub was tapped out though… 😦

At least the beds were fun to jump on.

Ally, Heather, and Cojo. Heather is the sweetest for buying us all shots. Aww.

Pink Belt and Yellow Belt.

Chad and I with our new friends.

Drunken Peddie Cab Ride back to the hotel.

Our trusty driver.

Optimus Fire Truck – It is HARD to time taking a picture of a speeding sirening fire truck from a moving peddie cab. I got it in one shot.

Jumping off the water wall.

Surprise! Ninjas in the elevator!

Drunken Fight after Speakeasy.

Kris stole my pizza so I had to take him out.

We have weird sleeping rituals.

I levitate nightly before bed.

Enough is enough. Time to limbo back to Houston.


We haven’t seen the DNC Co-Founder out since 2007. Is he in LA? New York? Hawaii? An underground bunker downtown? Put his face on a milk carton!

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