Christmas Break

There is nothing better than a five-day weekend to recover one’s social life. Mine, for example, has made me feel a little sane again. And admittedly, I started a little earlier than some.

It all started innocently enough on Thursday, when I had planned to take Alex to dinner and maybe to a movie. Well add a comedy club into the mix, coupled with a well-placed invite to Andy & Karen and next thing you know, I’m at the MarQ Center playin’ all kinds of games. Afterwards, we bailed on LaffStop while the trek to RocBar turned into a permanent detour to Pashaa. I can’t believe how many shots I took all night! Thank god I’m entitled to at least one lapse in judgement per year. But any-hoo, it was fun regardless. I danced all night with Alex, except for about a ten minute break where some black chicks were teaching me how to superman ho’s! That was hilarious! And the drive home… well, all I remember is waking up at 9am pushing everything off my bed en route to work. it was awesome! And what a great day at work too! I’m genuinely excited about the 12/21 group. They’re going to kick ass!

Now Friday, the DNC Westchase had a boy’s night. We followed through with a recommendation and had dinner at the Red Onion. It was alright as far as Churrascarias. I do have to say though, the best thing about that place was the avocado sweet dip. Yummy! We spent the rest of the night honing our RockBand skills and chillaxin’ at the house. Saturday was a much fuller day…

Chris and I got up early to shop in the madhouse that was the Galleria. Well… that didn’t work out so well given that I did walk out with about five bags worth of stuff… ALL FOR ME! lol. Well… the day was so nice that we decided to go for a drive and ended up around the shops on Westheimer and Montrose. We parked the ride at Empire Cafe and walked around to Buffalo Exchange, Taxi Taxi, and stopped into Agorra to smell the coffee. Afterwards, we stopped into The Hobbit Cafe in Greenbriar for some Lager. Another stop in Highland Park later and we were home nappin’. Our rest was short-lived though as Saturday night was INSANE. We pre-drank at Scott Irvin’s in midtown (he lives right next to Tipsy Clover). A freezing cold walk later and we were at Howl at the Moon. Thanks for the free entry Jesse Price! I’ll let the pics tell the rest of the story!

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