Alex G’s Birthday @ RocBar

This weekend has been awesome so far! Saturday – Watching UFC 80 and celebrating Eric William’s birthday made for a good afternoon. And celebrating Alex and Mandy’s birthday made for a fun evening!

Elite MMA – UFC 80 Party for Eric William’s Birthday

Our crowds keep getting bigger and bigger. 🙂

Future Members of the DNC.

Gabriel & Bullet.

Alpha in front of the cage.

Frost Murphy, World Champion

Blue Belt Row.

Alex & Mandy’s Birthday at RocBar

Firey Birthday Fun!

Crowd Shot.

DNC ready for battle.

Karen and I.

Hot Sh*t.

Junker’s Trademark Pose.

Scott Irvin – Blue Belt!

Chris & Yavi (Alex’ Brother & New Houstonite)

Kris And Birthday Girl Mandy

Jino was a pimp last night.

i LOVE seeing this girl happy and having fun. 🙂


I think I have like 20 pictures from the past 2 months that look exactly like this.

Blue Eyes.

Free Jaeger Shots.

Extreme Karen Close Up.

Plotting how to take over the world.


Birthday Girl Rock Out.

Millionaires by 32 Club.

We will unite them all. You’ll see.

Jino right before making out with a random chick. You go GNZ!

With Alex’ cousin, Liz!

The beginning of the end.


Liz taking us home in her little hummer.

The end of the end.

Happy Birthday to Alex and Mandy. I’m very glad that you girls had fun. That’s what it’s all about! And special thanks to my DNC for showing up. You know who you are. Thanks for coming!

Up for Sunday: Mimosa and Bellini Brunch and then off to see an afternoon movie before watching the NY Giants! Ahh Woo!

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