Elite Submission Championships

Elite Submission Championships
October 7, 2006

The tournament Eric Williams and Elite Martial Arts sponsored yesterday went off without a hitch. Good job to everyone that came out to support the sport and everyone who helped out. We ran 8 fully-staffed mats and had as many divisions as possible going all day. The competitors were impressive, with our own Elite Martial Arts taking the team title in the gi division. Impressive competitors of the day included Adrien Castellar, Frost Murphy, Justin Rader, Ryan Hall, Sergio De Leon, and Vinicius Magalhaes. The professional division was impressive and concluded with Pazao taking home the Gold and the $1,000 prize. Good job to everyone involved in participating in this event!

competitors arrive.

conclusion of weigh-ins

Elite’s Rivas & Prudhomme

Rules Meeting

Me as Referee

Counting out 4 Points

Chris Reinig

Magalhaes vs. Scriver

Sponsor Hooters Girls

Straight Ankle Lock

Justin Rader vs. Ryan Murphy

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