Family Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving as grown to be one of my favorites holidays as I’ve gotten older. I believe the underlying meaning of the holiday, being thankful and having love for the ones close to you, is the thing that I truly appreciate. Man, I’m getting to be a sap in my old age! Anyways, we had Thanksgiving Dinner at Aunt Grace’s place in Katy this year. Pics below:

Thanksgiving Dinner.

The family enjoying post-dinner wine and storytelling.

My sis took everyone’s money in Poker.

My cousin Sam, broke at the poker table.

An empty house as everyone sleeps.

A sober Mike & Kris with a tipsy Mom and Aunt.

Kris with our Uncle Ed

Aunt Grace’s nanny, Lilly, making turkey pot pie.

Greg playing the guitar.

My dad and uncles.

Aunt Grace’s Holiday Piano.

Uncle Ed and Aunt Kitty.

The poker table.

Awkward smiles.

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