DNC Thanksgiving Eve 2007

The DNC went crazy last night, as is customary on Thanksgiving Eve.


Last Year we started his insane tradtion….

Where it all began. 

The Co-Founders who invented all DNC Holidays. 

Jordan’s Holiday Sweater was so insane that we almost had to fight an entire collegiate football team because of it. 

This year, we aimed at perfecting it…

Shots with Greg 

Kicking off DNC Thanksgiving 2007 

Body shots…. with no actual shots. 

Looks like we’re feelin’ frisky 

Cheers to the Bartender (Trisha was fine) 

2007 DNC Co-Founder Thanksgiving Pic 

Ahhh Ooooh! 

Paula’s Prissies made an appearance. Joanna, your smile looks awesome! Show it off! 

Hyper making a reservation. 

Happy Birthday Foodah! 

Monica Misbehaving. 

Hyper and the Junkmaster. 

Did Who brought their dad? 

Santa Kris and his new friend 

Closed-Eyed Blue Still 

Alex from Illinois 

The World’s Best In-Laws 

Monica’s Mammaries 

The Bolivians made an Appearance 

As did Laura and Ash 

The tradition runs deep! Every year, we have a drunken Mexican in a cheesy sweater fall asleep at the Bronx Bar. Last year, Jordan took the honors. This year, Vincent is the winner! 

Here are the Founders of the DNC with the Sleeping Mexican 

Kara with the catatonic Vincent. 

My consigliere and I debating what to do with this guy. 

We decided to give him to Eddie and Kara to forcibly drink more. 

You can dress him up but you can’t take him anywhere. 

Chef Turducken, Untucked. 

Ending the night on a good note 

Special Thanks to my co-founder Hyper for taking many pictures and organizing the event.

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