Elite MMA RollerDerby Day

For those of you that view my friends and I as one-dimensional party animals, I couldn’t blame you. But I also believe that its prudent of me to make sure that all of you have the right impression and the “Drunken Ninja Clan” and myself. After all, our ranks include some of the most extremely successful doctors, lawyers, executives, engineers, intelligence analysts, security agents, etc. We’re not crazy. We just happen to LOVE life and have more fun than most. If that gives you a negative impression then so be it. After all, living “carpe diem” is exactly what this life should be about. Its just a shame that ALL of you can’t keep up.

Now that my little rant is over, I can share yesterday with y’all. The Elite Family took our kids for a little excursion to the Roller Skating Rink for a very good time. Now, like most of us, I spent some of the better parts of my youth learning how to rollerblade and figuring out how to ask the cute girl for a couple-skate. I never remembered skating being this painful though. My feet were numb all the way into the evening. And after the skating, we enjoyed a DELICIOUS bbq at Elite HQ before taking the time to cheer Randy and St. Pierre onto victory. And yes, we did end up closing off the evening at Sherlock’s, where I inducted two new DNC members with a few rounds of 3-wisemen. Chad and I tried our best pick-up lines on ugly girls while simultaneously giving a hard time to Tessa’s sister. And Chris…. Well, he was doing alright trying to pick up the lesbian until the girl’s girl came up and ate his heart with her vicious words.

In conclusion, Saturday, and this weekend in general, has been a good look at what’s important in life. I love my friends, miss my family , and hold dear EVERYTHING that’s important. From taking the kids roller-skating to closing out the night at my place acting crazy with friends and everything in between… everything has a place.

Skating Pictures

Keith, B.O.N.A. Fitness

Ed & Jenelle

What did you do Pillar?


Crew of 1522 and Junior Member, Josh

Ms. Castellar.


Mom and Daughter.

Josh gets a push.


Blake Williams

Sneaking up on Edward.

Bryan and his son.



Isiah got taller since Corpus!

The Big Asian Squad

Rear-Naked Choke.

Racing, playing for keeps.

In the lead.

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