Gustavo Rocha – Birthday 2007

This past weekend was “just right,” so to speak. What I mean by that is that it was a good blend of socializing and quality time spent relaxing at home. Friday night, while Vincent, Chris, and Kris were out galavanting at the Derrick Tavern, I was at a friend’s house watching “Waiting” (not really) and drinking a good bottle of red wine. It was a spectacle as I got home because it seemed like we all got there at the same time, cracking jokes until the wee hours of the morning.Saturday was a different story. My brother and I had our customary Saturday morning brunch at Filipiniana and hit up some shopping on Harwin on the way back home. From then on, it was a relaxing afternoon until we had to get ready for Gustavo Rocha’s birthday, which was held at Club Drake, a new club out towards the Heights. David (Futa) put together an amazing time for us, complete with bottle service and a corner table. From what I can remember, the whole group had plenty of fun crashing and burning that night. As far as Club Drake, well… let’s just save the disparaging and sincerely hateful comments for later. Let’s just say that it’s not my favorite club in Houston. They certainly pull in a crowd though. We’ll see how they do….

Sunday went as Sunday goes. Lots of sitting around the living room for my brother, Chris, and I. I skipped the company softball game out of laziness, and watched a few movies – Chronicles of Riddick, etc. Sprinkle in a little xbox action, grocery shopping, and cooking a fully-complemented steak lunch and that was roughly my whole day. Good enough for me.

Now here. Take a look at some pics from Gustavo’s Birthday Party and a few from the gun range last weekend.

Getting a table at Club Drake

Jaeger is bad news

I love action shots

Derrick Fury attacks

Futa and Gus


Machine Gun Bubble Butt Action

Vincent, Alex, and I

LOL at the look on Chris’ face

At the table with Gus and his boys

Reinig and random drunk girl

Westchasers Gone Wild

Action Shot. LOL at Kris in the background.

Derrick Fury – Check the Website Son

Our Resident Pharmacist enjoys a drink pre-oil checking unsuspecting victims

Chameleon Jino celebrating his attempt at the GMAT

Awww… Chris loves me I think

At the shooting range…

Chris firing off some rounds

Bang Bang!

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