Jenarais & Jess’ Baby Shower

Here are some pics from Jenarais and Jessica’s Baby Shower at Ballpark Lofts, as well as some from Vanessa Fuselier’s Birthday.

The view of Elite from the office.

Hangin’ with the kiddies @ Jess & Jessica’s Baby Shower

Eddie makin’ it rain during the poker game.

Kara and Katie chillin’.

Playin’ for keeps.

1.5 Flipinos

Betting on Babies.

Watchin’ Forrest upset Shogun at Kara’s.

Kris with our Sister-In-Law

Beer on the floor?

Andy & Katie

Bet Winner.

Vanessa’s Birthday Party!

Mike’s Birthday Too!

Alpha, Grant, and Catherine.

10 Degrees of Seperation.

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