DNC Three Year Anniversary Weekend

It’s Monday, July 21st, and so the Three Year Anniversary of the Drunken Ninja Clan has come and passed. Kudos all around for a crazy hell of a weekend. Thank God I am so tediously obsessive about organization. I actually had to look back at my journal to remember what we did early on in the weekend. But anyways, here is the recap.

The DNC Weekend started on Wednesday, as usual, with Chad and Kris’ excursion to Wild West. Early on Thursday, I celebrated Jino’s birthday with him by taking to lunch at La Viet with Ash and Briana. I also ran three miles that night, rendering me incapacitated and unable to do anything or go anywhere but home for a good night’s sleep.

Friday was the official beginning of the 3-Year Anniversary of the DNC. Eddie Corrin, our enigmatic 4th roommate at the Casa de Pinoy, also made an appearance back home from Colorado. His surprise appearance had us all taken aback. Causing much room for celebration. More on that in a bit.

Mindy and Lesli joined us for Emily and Andy’s Twinky Birthday/Housewarming Party at Emily’s new digs. I was extremely impressed by her place and equally impressed by her generosity as I left with a rather large take-home pizza. Big thanks to Emily for the pie and all the hospitality. Em’s good peoples. Amanda and Kristi, two not so-good-peoples (kidding) came back with us to DNC HQ for impromptu beer pong and leftover pizza. It was after that where things started getting too crazy.

Taking joyrides is never fun for me, Nervous Nelly. That took on a whole new meaning this weekend. The ride up to Bronx Galleria and 26Ten was simple enough in Mariam’s ‘safe’ Land Rover. In fact, it was nothing but wholesome fun and pictures. But the drinking at 26-Ten changed all that. Well, first of all, let me say that 26Ten was one of the most quaint yet fun lounge/clubs I’ve been to in quite some time. It was not too full, classy, and the waitresses were prompt and provided excellent service. Above and beyond that, the crowd was “doable.” Thoroughly impressive place. …even at the $250+ price tag. The real scare came afterwards, when Paula attempted to use the Land Rover as an off-road vehicle through the galleria.

Eddie had to take it over after a block or so. Thankfully my self-defense snooze button let me sleep all the way home. And I slept like a baby thanks to Omar’s willingness to help me put up curtains the night before. Thanks man. I appreciate that.

DNC 3-Year Anniversary

Saturday, the actual DNC Birth Date, was awesome until about 1am. But the afternoon was awesome. We had our best training session yet in the garage. It’s safe to say that we got our investment return from buying the puzzle mats. Chad, Eddie, Kris, Damon, and I spent many a round rolling in the garage with a few potential Elite Recruits from San Marcos looking on. Thanks to Kyle for keeping time for us. It was one hell of a workout. With all the guys in there, it was an exceptional opportunity to learn how to kick ass. And afterwards, we couldn’t resist but head down to Chad’s pool @ Uptown to jump in the water after the long workout.

Not stopping there, we had about an hour to get ready before heading to Junker’s Affliction/UFC Fight Party. I’m happy to say that most everyone who was there the first night made it out. All we were missing from the original night were Jordan, Alaina, and Clint. Also, Vincent was an absentee so nobody got to spend the night at any old mens’ houses. We did, however, take over the upstairs at Zepplin afterwards. From the little that I can recall, well… f*ck it. I don’t remember anything.

Every reunion, there is always one. It started with Vincent during Year 1 (“I love you Alaina”… I mean Amanda… I mean…) to Jordan in Year 2 (Picking a fight with the Rice Football Team and employing the buttscoot offense) to me in Year 3. Apparently I was a bit of a dick to everyone and then yelled/puked/yelled all the way home so let me take this moment to issue this mass apology. I still hate all of you. Kidding. Sorry. Now I know how Vincent felt when Chris and I were yelling at him and he didn’t remember any of it. I’m right there with you in the DNC Hall of Shame Vince! Woo Hoo! At least I claim that sh*t!

What goes unclaimed is the monstrosity that was Jino’s car at 4am. whoever wrote on it needs to be hooked on phonics like Helen Keller in an advanced english class! “Bals” and “Cok” were awesome but my personal favorite was the front right window. They couldn’t think of anything to write so they just drew a large X. And the pizza boxes were icing on the cake! Hilariousity ensues!

Now would you believe it but I did not get out of bed until past 1pm on Sunday. Now THAT is the sign of a good time, albeit unremembered. Watched the best movie ever to close out the weekend and now it’s back to the day job.

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One Comment on “DNC Three Year Anniversary Weekend”

  1. Alaina Moore Says:

    Sorry we missed it! We had plans to hang out with the DNC Baytown chapter on their turf. Love the website idea by the way!

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