Bond – April 06

Here are a few pictures I took last night at BOND. Me & Paula, along with Mariam, Irene, and 6 or 7 of their closest girlfriends originally planned to go to HUE but they were at capacity and we hate lines so we just ran around midtown for a bit and were the on the way to the Bronx before ending up at the bar around midnight-thirty. We had to play power hour with the drinking but got the job done. I only took a few pictures though so I’m not in any of them. Arggh..  TGIGF and I had half the day off and got my new car. I’m thinking just being good and relaxing on Good Friday. Happy Easter Weekend You guys!

Mariam, Irene, Seama, and Paula

Paula & Irene dancing on the stage

Mariam getting stalked by some guy

The stalker gets closer. Who the heck is that guy?

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