April 2006

Oh my! What a fun fun weekend. Yet another edition of the “Where are my clothes? aka Where am I at? aka Where did everyone go? aka Who is that?” game. Good times. Good good times with good good people. i LOVE it.

Friday night was a good time at the village with Alaina, Lindsey, and Chris. While at the Bronx, I ran into Basil. It was a good time seeing him again. I also ran into Antonio & Dave at Baker’s St. and Party Girl at Brian O’Neills. Sprinkled into the evening somehow are the cbeyonders, which have become almost a parody of themselves. It’s tragic.

Anyways, sandwhiched in between discounted drinks and random dancing was a really good time. Bryce was also there, along with Ashleigh. I felt bad b/c I invited her but we maybe spoke like 3 sentences the entire time and she ended up going home with Bryce or calling me at like 4 in the morning or something. We left amidst little controversy as we tried like hell to pry drunken Alaina from the bar. You are such a lush young lady. GO TO CHURCH! The rest of the night with this particular group was filled with drunk-dialed nonsensical conversations in Chris’ car on the way to Lindsey’s. There, a minute to get changed turns into Alaina on top of Lindsey with her heels on and bag still on her shoulder. Yeah. They are both fast asleep. Myself and Mr. Wach take our leave and end up at A’s place to resume partying at 4am.

The lush!

Drunk and Drunker

Awww Linz!

This debauchary last well past sunrise. We even trained amidst all the madness!  I get a drunk and hammered private lesson with a drunk and hammered BJJ blackbelt at 5am and now I know a much better halfguard sweep for when someone posts! Anyways I   eventually wake up on the carpet where I was apparently using a towel for a pillow. Good times with good good friends. Crazy crazy bastards pimpin’!

Dave “Rockstar” Phillips

Fast forward to saturday and, after running a few errands, I give myself roughly an hour to recover before I head over to Alaina’s for nuggets and guacamole. Apparently, while they didn’t have quite as late of a night as I did, the girls were still hurting as they were 10 miles away from Lindsey’s apartment at Alaina’s house, but still in the same bedclothes as the night before. We end up watching the baseball game and relaxing and munching and screaming at scary computer pranks (ouch! petey my shoulder!) until Spencer gets there in his pearl snaps (he forgot the tarp) and we wander out into the world ever so slowly.

Alaina and her bitch

Next up on our agenda was P.F. Chang’s for our Bam Bam Sake Fix and the usual meet and great. We end up at Baker’s Street eventually and say hello to half the entire population of Sugar Land. George was there with his friend from Revolution that kept insisting on violating Lindsey’s space. Likewise, it was good seeing Ryan and Mark and Carlene and those guys! Shame I couldn’t hang out with them more as I was conducting the balancing act of hanging out with my group and seeing everyone I haven’t seen in awhile.

Carlene and her crew

Between Alaina and Lindsey and Andy and Spencer, I briefly canoodled with everyone. Anyhow, we eventually get our butts to Alaina’s, where she drunk-dialed herself to sleep! We point our way to the 4th star past sunset and head home. No walk of shame this time.

I love you guys!

Now it’s sunday and I’m shopping for a new car online and running errands and doing yardwork and watching Manny Pacquaio’s training video. His handspeed was so beautifully fast it almost made me cry. Seriously. I want a sandwhich.

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