Easter Weekend 2006

UFC 59  Frankensteins

Watched UFC 59 last night at the bar with the guys from the gym and some other friends. Overall, a good time, except for the fact that the card ran a little too late to make it out to midtown afterwards, which we had planned all week. That and I missed the main event, which was the best (and most exciting) fight of the entire card. Complete and utter disappointment on my part but at least Gino gave me the recap on the  phone. I was so sad I just went home and went to bed. Worked out though. At least I didn’t feel like crap driving to San Antonio on Sunday.

Crime: Pretty girls couldn’t wait the 2 minutes 43 seconds for event to end so we could leave.
Verdict: GUILTY!


For Easter Sunday, my parents and I took a road trip to San Antonio to have lunch. We picked up a hungover Kris in his San Marcos condo…

…then went to meet Tina and Steve for lunch at Zio’s in San Antonio…

…we went back to my sister’s apartment, took a nap and hung out at Tina’s apartment for a few hours before heading back to Houston.

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