Lauren and Noemi’s Visit from NJ

The events surrounding my imminent demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am alive after a weekend of desolate solitude at the new house, brought on by a Friday night that will live in infamy. I’d have to first of all thank Lauren and Noemi for coming down from New Jersey, hereby causing a kick-start in my system that caused us to go to best buy in the middle of a random day to purchase a $3,500 Sony television to begin the downward spiral. (it’ll all be worth it when we get hd/dvr/cable tommorow)  Next, I’ll have to thank Vu for taking care of bottle service at Buddha lounge and being such a gracious host, hereby causing me to eventually pee on a cab with my face pressed against the windshield, smiling at the driver in utter defiance. …And Hyper, no matter how crazy you are, we just can’t quit you, you bastard. Thanks for all the licks to the faces of many unsuspecting victims and being an influence as only you could be. Ash, your sex, drugs, and rock and roll thing is going to kill me one day so I guess that deserves special mention. And lastly, the nurse of the year award goes to all the girls who got me hot water, cough drops, alka-seltzer, oatmeal, chicken soup, etc. etc. the next day. You know who you are. And Reinig was a regular Gaylord Focker too! My biggest regret is missing out on the rest of the vacation. lol. and poor noemi followed my path to the infirmary on sunday, which was unfortunate. but at they got to go shooting and pick up randoms at whiskey creek. Good times as always by the clan of the drunken ninja. Many thanks to all involved, especially my sponsors and the keep bullet alive foundation.

Now on to the pictures!

Everyone make a funny face!

Its amazing to notice the evolution from sober to drunk.

the happy fam.

jersey ripples on texas nipples!

new jersey since 1980.

lauren’s texas birthday lapdance!

the most spoiled girl in the world!

f*cking paparazzi. get that camera away or i’ll kill you!

By the time we got to the cab, all hell had broken loose for me.

Grappling with my drunkeness.

We all lost.

chris took the girls shooting.

Meanwhile, at the batcave…

only in texas do you see a 6 yr. old shooting a gun.

whiskey creek or fix?

hyper with the birthday girl and the laura ash.

vu and hyper

wtF?!?! where the hell did bryce and kiki come from?!?!

hyper, E, kristie, and manwhore

old school lovers reunited!

Requisite drunken ninja pose.

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