ATX Vacation & Teachers from Naperville

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK…. why do we do these crazy spontaneous things?!?! We embarked on I-10 at about six pm on friday night with the idea of spending a harmless weekend in San Marcos to visit my bro. 3 Hotel rooms, 6 teachers from Chicago, 2 playoff games, and a sick day (lost my voice) later and its an icy day to recover!

So yeah, Friday night stayed pretty true to form. Arrival in San Marcos around nine to play beer pong with Harris, Adrian, and KC before gearing up for this party we ended up going to. Lots of drinking games later and Reinig and myself were speaking in Portugese accents. HAHA! We had these 2 women totally convinced for about a half an hour that we were from Rio. They thought it was hot and it was definately going well until the blonde from intramurals thought I was my brother and called me out. While all that was going on, Penn State Nate, our 4th Horseman for the weekend, was on the patio getting his 17 yr. old on with his sunglasses on. LOL @ him trying to remember that. He has absolutely no recollection… Well, eventually the night needed to be put to bed eventually and did when we got our 15 double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s at four in the morning while Chris took pictures of the mustached woman through the window with his 12 meg camera!

Saturday was spent watching Half Baked and bad T.V. until we got the energy to make the drive to Austin and check in at, where else but, the Hilton! I’ve been glued to getting rooms there since they built the new one on 5th. This time was no different except for the fact that we got a larger suite and made us of the facilities a little more. We didn’t waste any time because as soon as we got there, already drunk, we hightailed it for the hot tub. Did you know that two buckets of bud light (1o measley beers) at the Hilton costs $80. Well we now do.

This is where our weekend started taking a direction off the beaten path. We met these eight women, mostly teachers from Chicago or Naperville in Illinois that were our would-be devil’s advocates. We + my bro and Harris actually made a nice little survey of the bars on 6th street and even headed to Foundation for a bit to take many, many blue shots before we settled in at the Library for drinks and shots galore. The liquid cokaine was brutality and before we knew it, we were sitting in the hallway of the 21st floor with the girls watching Meghan’s boobs bounce around everywhere. LOL. Why we ended up checking-in at the front desk at 4am for yet another suite just so everyone in our group could have a personal king-sized bed is beyond me! (WTF?!?!)

We were actually going to leave on Sunday too…. We checked in time and everything. We even made it to  our usual last stop, Mongolian BBQ, for brunch and one last  bloody mary at Chang’s before trying to make it out of town. Then the girls called from Champions, where they were watching the playoff games and “Da Bears”. Next thing we know it, a few shots later and we’re at the damn convenience store buying a case of beer before miraculously ending up back at the hot tub in the middle of an icy rain. Now this is where we should have ended, and by all accounts should have by the time it hit 6pm. But somehow, we get talked into checking in for yet another night. We spend two hours making use of the spa and the steamroom before making it to our 8:30 dinner reservation at P.F. Chang’s. All ten of us enjoyed our dinner while Chris sweated out the tampered lamb from the redhead waitress. We actually had a calm moment when Chris & I had a chance to speak to our moms, his was in Mexico and mine was in NY getting on a plane for Greece. Aww mamas. Anyways, it went actually downhill from there after dinner. We took a 10 mile walk in the arctic wonderful of Downtown ATX in the rain, me jacket-less, and found the foundation closed and no live music anywhere. I threw in the towel and ended up back in the room. Eventually and without any prodding fro  me, Chris and Jino throw in the towel as well and we abandon the $300 room at midnight or so and make our way back to Houston, tails between our legs and very much the worse for wear. The end.

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