IFL & Superbowl 2007

Between IFC on Friday with the gang at reliant arena, UFC 67 on Saturday, the Superbowl tonight, and Eric P’s birthday all weekend, we sure were busy. I have a feeling monday morning will be pretty exhausting. I didn’t even drink tonight for the game because I didn’t get home from last night until roughly four this afternoon. After brunch at Fountainview Cafe, all I could think about was getting home to get some sleep in. I crawled out for a little bit to watch the game on HD, but only because I had $$$ on the game. Once I knew I lost, the weekend was over.


The IFL at the Reliant on friday was a good time. Other than the Fast & the Furious race out of the parking lot after the event, the fight card was definately competitive and worthwhile, capped off by a dominating performance for the world’s top middleweight, Matt Lindland. Chris Hordecki and Bart Palaszewski put on the fight of the night in a 3-round slugfest.

Below are some pics from the event…

Hordecki by split decision

Me in the stands

Ratinho, Hai, & Ashley

Look at the 2 goofballs in the background…

Bas Rutten after his team win

Overhand left by Lindland

Lindland shoots for the takedown on the Ronin


I spent the day watching movies and on the couch in Rice Village. GNZ, Chris W, and I had dinner at Gold Ribbon before making it out to ELITE to go watch the fights on the projector. Crocop & Rampage made good on their UFC debuts and it was off to the village for the majority of the gang! Hyper actually left early to head out to Venue but we did not have enough time to make the trek downtown so we headed to the Bronx to get shit-faced as usual. Ran into B-Rad, Israel, Shorty, B-Lab, and a few other peeps there in between taking shots of tequila. Anyways, I skipped House of Pies afterwards and instead headed to Eddie’s to session it up @ Hippie Haven before passing out and getting abused by whipped cream to the face. Anyways, pics below….

blue steel point skillz

most of the drunken ninja crew

you’re naughty kara!



Jess & Jessica!

The Boys of Elite

GNZ getting molested by Ray

Mel has a sleepdrinking problem

Omega Tri – UH Sugarland Chapter

Ramiro says he is bringing sexy back

Stylin’ & Profilin’ by Mr. and Mrs. Corrin

I slept in these Venetian Slippers…

P.S. – Has anyone seen Jordan or Alaina? I was worried because they said they were going to the village and never showed up….

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