Spencer Scrivner’s Going Away Party

Who knew coming into this weekend that I would feel more tired on sunday night than most wednesday mornings? I certainly didn’t. I have no idea that the planned small get-together on friday would turn into a cigar-smokin’ beer-drinkin’ poker party that would keep my up until four am. Or that Saturday and Spencer’s Bon Voyage would end up with Hong dragging us to The Men’s Club to hang out in the little VIP area until three-thirty or so, not to make it home until close to five. (nice to see you btw, Ruthie. I run into you in the most random places!) By all accounts, I should have gone to Jay’s birthday party (happy birthday little man!) to play in the moonwalk and eat Jessica’s cookin’ but I was beat-tired and couldn’t do it anymore. That and I didn’t want to lose any more money to Eddie after I got owned for a twenty spot in skeeball at Dave & Buster’s the night before. Good seeing you Adrienne & Le as well. Congrats kids! Anyways, Sunday was a day on the couch. I did end up catching a movie in First Colony so it wasn’t a total dudder. Children of Men is an awesome flick! Trust me, by the end of this movie, which is chock full of social commentary if you catch it, you’ll end up wanting to impregnate something. So there it is… Hopefully I can get more than five hours of sleep tonight. Ratinho is in from Brazil for the next few so we’re going to be training hard for awhile! Yay! Anyways, here are some pics from Spencer’s Going Away. Elite loses a talented brown belt to Richmond, VA but more importantly, we’re going to miss a good friend!


Ajay = LUSH!

Rico thinking of question to ask.

Where’s my yerd?

Eric, Hai, and Ratinho: Bow to your sensei’s.

DDR Failures

Yup. Absolutely horrible.

Hyper has a new owner!

Muay Thai Clinch!

Pimpin’ hard! But not as hard as Cookie on the Golden Girl!


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