Saman & Shabnam

The following are pictures from March 31st, Friday Night. Me, Chris, Shabs, & Saman went out to Opus and MBar downtown after sweet & fruity drinks for the girls and kettle one martinis for moi at Chili’s. (Thanks Patrick) Needless to say, and as evident by the pictures, we got pretty booyakasha’d. Fear not though. I got home at roughly 5am without incident, and without any dinosaur calling. Lots-o-fun with really really cool peoples for sure. Holla.

At the upstairs bar at Opus – multiply the empty washington apple shots by 10 or so and that’s how many shots we probably had.

With Shabs & Saman – the most fun girls ever

Awww – cute picture. but why do I look confused? I think t’was the bullblasters!

Oh yeah!

Oh look! The dance floor at MBar

…here I am looking confused again while Shabs is deep in thought.

Rockstar Divas – So hot ehh?

Pop collar much?

Please, no more pictures. Too drunk.

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