Pandora – 1.28.08

Man! I would talk about how much we had at Pandora on Saturday night except, like most of our group, I was too drunk to remember much of the good stuff. I do remember almost getting into a fight three times with the same guy though. And worse off, I think it was mostly my fault. Oops and whatever. I mean,what can ya do? lol. Fuhgetaboutit. In any case, fun weekend for the most part. I’d give it at least a 6 out of 10.

Here are some pics of us at Fox & Hound before our random group trek to Walmart at 2am on Friday night for video games, dvd’s, and assorted munchies.

Karen and I at DNC Westchase Headquarters.

Andy – Junker Pose

Vincent – Junker Pose.

Kris – Junker Pose

Vincent Rivera – Hand Model

The Angles

Pics from Saturday Night at Pandora after the failed trip to Zeppelin.

Surprise Appearance by Eddie Corrin

Eddie, Kara, Me, Lilly

Da Group

Kris showing off the inside lining of his coat.

Alex and I

Vincent and Jino getting down

Paula looks intense on the platform!

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