July 4th ’06 in San Marcos

Drove up to San Marcos to spend fourth of July with my brother this year. I took Allyson as my river date and we left on saturday. She was awesome and brought some movies to watch in the car. That makes the trip go back so much faster. We ended up getting to San Marcos around saturday at 6. We Spent the majority of the night just laying there and watching the bobby and whitney show. Around 10, ADPi’s and a few of Kris’ frat brothers started arriving. They were talking about getting a keg but eventually, just bought a few cases. Sam, the hot south african girl, had never seen girls gone wild before so the majority of the night was spent watching ggw (not the old flashy ones, but the new more pornographic one) and playing drinking games on the living room table that was borrowed from the library. We also played a little mini poker game and now Kris and Daniel owe me five bucks. After all the drinking and when most of the party had already gone, me and Allyson went upstairs to lay down and we just relaxed for the rest of the night. I owe my brother one for letting me and allyson take his bed. It definately made the rest of the evening that much more comfortable.

Floating the river in San Marcos is definately something I should have done years ago. I do not know why it took me so long. Now I know why Corey was so excited! After Mark drove down from Austin, we hopped in KC’s cherokee and met up everyone at Walmart. I seriously have never rolled so deep in my life, and I’ve been to some pretty humongous parties. There was about 60 poeple at Walmart getting tubes and meeting up, and that was just for our group. It was mostly PiKapps and ADPi’s. Anyhow, we bought a few cases of Natty Lite and filled up our tubes. We tried to tie all four tubes onto Kris’ roof, but that didn’t work out to well. On the way to the river, the tubes caught wind and rose straight up into air. Me and Mark had to hold it down while hanging out the window at 60 mph. Picture an suv with sails…

There was a large group of people already at the meet up spot when we got there. Corey and the guys had their system (2 twelves, 2 5-1/2 speakers, amp, marine battery, cd player in a cooler) ready, all the coolers had been stationed into their own rafts, and it was time for us to cast off. While everyone was putting their floats in the water, my brother was having a blast spraying all the girlies’ bikinis with cold super soaker water. I tell you what, if I didn’t invite allyson along, I would have had so much fun with all the sorority girls there. I mean, WOW! There were some cuties there, and all of them we in skimpy suits. Ehh, I had fun anyways. Allyson’s a hottie. SO yeah, once we set sail, Me and Ally tied our tubes together and linked with Cody’s beerboat. From the on, it was three of the funnest hours I’ve ever spent in water. Our float was so big that we must have covered a good 50 yards of river just with our group. Everyone pretty much got tanked too. See, this is what most people do in San Marcos. Jump into the river with plenty of beer, friends, and get tanked for a day. I must have had 5 beers myself before we got to shotgun alley…

Shotgun alley is a spot in the river after the first set of rapids where everyone docks on this little shallow sandy area and drink for a little bit. The reason for the name is that you’re supposed to shotgun beers there. I got a little carried away and shotgunned four. Kris probably shotgunned six or so. That guy is like the frank the tank of the pi kapps. After shotgun alley, i was drunk and going down rapids. A few times, I didn’t realize how shallow it was and busted my tailbone right into some rocks. You never know how deep the water is. At spots, its so shallow and rocky that the warning call of “asses up!” can be heard from downstream. In other spots, the water is deep you couldn’t touch bottom if you tried.

Anyways, after a few hours, we arrived at Don’s, a patch of land along the river where everyone who floats that way pretty much dock and have a big ass party. Kind of like a Texas State version of girls gone wild. We were going to leave from DOn’s to get the cars since we had floated the river from 2 to 8 but we kept going downstream for about 45 minutes later and got out under this bridge. Corey took my brother to get his truck while Allyson and I deflated the tubes. Afterwards, we ate at Furrs (where I figured out exactly how drunk i really was), and went back to KC’s place. I would have driven back to houston then but I couldn’t walk, lol. Me and Allyson ended up driving back around 1am. Thank god for cruise control.

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