High Maintenance Party

Here are some pics from the “High Maintenance” Party on Friday. It was a very good time. Thanks to everyone who made it.

The Drunken Ninjas


Big Ern’s First Night as a Drunken Ninja

Mike & Mick

Party in the media room!

“What did i do to my finger?”


Modeling in the living room?

No finger pointing!

Spencer is always up to something!

Spence & Paula

I’m sure we’re laughing something off.

pearl snap shirts make you such a stripping victim.


Dianna is upside down.


Ramiro = Grown Ass Man

Is that something on Venessa’s Leg?

Why is Chris making this face? Answer Below.

Answer: He is wearing no underwear and adjusting a hard on. Whoa! LOL!

Thanks to our loyal Partiers! The rest of the pictures are available via request.

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