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NJ School Closed Because of Ninja Sighting

July 23, 2008

OMG! What an outrageous story this is. Which one of you in New Jersey did this?

Just read:

A report of a ninja sighting in the woods near the Robert L. Horbelt elementary School prompted a brief lockdown of the township’s public schools before authorities realized the suspect in question was actually a camp counselor heading toward a costume party.

Shortly after 9 a.m., police received a call … reporting that a man dressed as a ninja, carrying a large sword, was running through the woods…

The lockdown — which restricts movement in and out of school buildings — was lifted by 9:30 a.m. after police learned the man in question was actually a camp counselor on his way to a costume-themed day… was running late and decided to take a shortcut through the woods…

Story courtesy of Asbury Park Press: