Becoming a Dad – A Chance Meeting


So I stepped on the park-and-ride bus this morning and sat down in my usual seat, just two row back front the door against the window. Every morning when I get on, I usually notice random strangers idly chatting. I can always hear it but usually ignore them. After all, these are not my conversations and I want to sleep anyway. But this morning was very different because just when I’m about to doze off I hear a man remark to the bus driver, “Yeah man, we find out on Tuesday.”

Naturally my ears perked up immediately and spontaneously, my voice bursting  out of nowhere to ask the man, “Are you and your wife were having a baby?”

From there happened the most fulfilling bus ride of my life.

He and I must have talked about everything relating to impending fatherhood. He told me about his experience the first-time around… About the struggle of trying like hell to have one baby with a wife that wasn’t able, only to discover the miracle of finding out he’s having not one but two. About having twin babies born three-months premature and driving to the hospital (same as ours) to see them every day, despite living 45-minutes away and working ten hour days…  About how, looking back at it all seven years later, he still looks at his boys sometimes and thinks, in his own words, “I still can’t believe I’m a father.” And finally about how he’s fortunate enough now to be able to do it all over again.

It really motivates me to hear stories from other parents.

I learn a lot from them and experiences like today’s. Like how scooping the bubbles out of the milk and how that will help avoid colic. And how taking walks in public places with mother-to-be will make them seem much less tedious than walking in the neighborhood. And how not to splurge on a crib because the baby will sleep more in the bassinet anyway. And finally that the baby should learn his schedule right away, so he knows day is day and night is time for sleep so we can actually get some rest.

Goodness, we must have talked the whole thirty minutes into downtown like dorks without even noticing it.

Thanks man.

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6 Comments on “Becoming a Dad – A Chance Meeting”

  1. Liz Says:

    I am bringing Megan a book Saturday (The Baby Whisperer) about putting your baby on a schedule, and I worship that method to this day, and I swear it is the reason Ricky sleeps 12 hours at night!!”

  2. Jessica Miller Says:

    I’m sure everyone around you trying to sleep was like um shhh that’s great and all but I’m trying to take my morning bus nap. LOL j.k
    Great story Mike! I’m happy you are such a thoughtful papa!
    You and Megan want to adopt a girl?….like as in me? I need a life sponsor…think how fulfilling it would be to have two children…boy and a girl. LOLOLOLOL I’m just sayin…

  3. Melissa Holt Moore Says:

    one of the best tips I can give you is to get a sound machine and crank it up when you put the baby to bed. always put them to bed with sound. always!

  4. Melynda Fox-Lieby Says:

    from 2 weeks old, I gave the boys a small bite of rice cereal mixed with formula. Austin slept through the night at 6 weeks, Bradley at 8 weeks. They only woke up if they were sick 🙂

  5. Melynda Lieby Says:

    my biggest tip for you is take your mom’s shopping with you for baby stuff. They didn’t have as much as you think you “need”. And they will tell you what they wish they would off had. Amazing to think, the same stuff that will supposed harm a child or hurt their mental development, is what our mothers used with us.

  6. Brooke James Gaddis Says:

    You should print these and make a book out of them. Your son will love to read the stories someday! Your posts are special and they should be bound! 🙂

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