Engagement Announcement – Tal Williams and Laura Love

editors note: Tal is not marrying the pooch.
editors note: Tal is not marrying the pooch. That’s Laura and Tal’s dog, Tegan.

Getting Married!

I never thought I would say this but I’m getting married. I feel old just typing it. I’m also surprised that I’m excited about it. I’ve known for a while that I found the right person and we have talked about marriage before but we started talking about it Saturday morning and decided to do it. I think we both asked “do you wanna marry me?” There was lots of giggling involved, not because it was a joke or a whim, just simply because we were happy.

There was no getting down on a knee, no violins, or flashing JumboTron proposals. We are way too cool for that or so we pretend. There is no diamond ring. Laura received many requests to reveal the diamond and had to explain that she doesn’t wear jewelery and spending 5k on a rock to wear on your finger is not really her style. It’s not my style either and I’m relieved as hell that we are on the same page. I’d rather buy a piano or a guitar or a synthesizer. But those things would be for me, so that’s probably a no-go, what about a bigger TV? We are going to get wedding bands though, platinum for her and copper or lead for me. You may be shocked to know that in reality I don’t need a ring to keep the fairer sex at bay, my irresponsible sense of humor and awkward social skills will take care of that. Wearing a ring will be strange. I’ve never worn a ring of any sort, maybe one out of a cereal box, but only for five minutes and then I ate it. I will probably have some weird allergy to the metal and lose the finger. Maybe I should get “MARRIED” tattooed on my forehead.

To maintain the contrarian motif we aren’t having an extravagant wedding with red carpets. There will be no melting ice sculptures of cupid or post coital fowl. There will not be a Ferrari Cake at our wedding. I had one at my super sweet sixteen and someone tried to drive it and I didn’t get a piece!

We will likely get married in the most romantic way possible, paying a visit to the Justice of the Peace! We are going to have a small reception for family and close friends so don’t get butt hurt if your not invited : ) If you are invited and don’t show you will be dead to me and I will cast a spell on you I learned from the real Harry Potter, not the kid in the movie. You will never enjoy cashews again.

On second thought a Ferrari Cake would be way super awesome!

Tal Williams

Tal & Laura Love

Tal & Laura Love

* For more on Tal and his exploits, check out his blog at http://talwilliams.com.

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