Ramadan Mubarak

…Or Happy Ramadan

Whether you like it or not, you pay attention to customs in a country that legally binds you to them. As an American, this is as foreign as it gets. Tickets for anything passing your lips, or working past 3 comes as a big surprise to all us office automatons. I personally have no intention on being dragged before a judge because of hunger. The routine I’ve cultivated has been shaken to its very roots! No more coffee in the a.m. to keep you from staring blankly into your computer screen. No more going to McDonald’s to be soothed by those great big golden Freudian tits. But all this insanity has me looking back at that routine thinking about sheep that pass through the same gates on a daily basis headed for the same shitty meal.  Maybe these folks have something on us in their ability to question their standard. Not that any of it matters. I still get pissed when Starbucks isn’t open at noon on Friday to bring me out of my coma (its not open at all before iftar).

So in this vain of whining about things previously taken for granted, let me pontificate (ah the use of stupidly large, overly intellectual, and randomly placed words!) on those things missed most. HBO, oh HBO, Wherefore art thou HBO?! I fear the loss of entourage and others can only be compared to loss of a strong Heroin addiction. A close second would be the loss of those meaningless debates over the next couple to fuck in the white house. The realization that no one else in the world cares is a big letdown. Oprah and Dr. Phil have been lying all these years; we’re all just fat worthless sacks of shit! No self-help book can help us now!

Oh well, if the separation anxiety doesn’t claim you and Ramadan doesn’t starve you, the desert and its heat will always find you!

The desert will certainly take away those things that we never meant to accumulate in the first place. Besides money and a love for the sun, it will also rob you any unwanted flesh that has thumbed a ride on your weary bones these past few years. If it doesn’t simply burn off as you settle into the black leather bucket seat of your new BMW, it will surely seep slowly from every pour in your body. Those fat cells will yearn for a cool splash of water; something to ease their slow death. And you will try, only to find that your pool has turned into a bubbling cauldron waiting to turn you into some sort of stew.

More to come from this most interesting of global locations.

Well, I guess I should include a dumb photo or two to placate those who can’t read…

It looks like any other building in the world…except that it stands almost twice as tall as the old world trade center. Hard to get that impression from the photo.


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2 Comments on “Ramadan Mubarak”

  1. The Servant Leader Says:

    It’s hard to visualize the magnanimity of creating a structure like that without comparing it to others in scale. TWICE as high as WTC? That’s hard to fathom… especially since there is only one building immediately around it, which has to have at least 50 floors. Crazy.

  2. Alias Says:

    You seem enamored with the region

    You’re getting close to gonzo journalism. Keep it up.

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