Cheerleader Stereotypes

I have never been in favor of stereotypes; however many people state they exist for a reason.  So far my experience with cheerleaders has nailed the stereotype on the head.  My intrigue/obsession dates back to high school where they would flirt with me in physics class just to get my homework.  They would also always choose football players for boyfriends instead of this soccer playing stud.  Hence, I’m always so quick to stereotype a cheerleader, history has taught me to.

Thats why when I read that cheerleaders got stuck in an elevator at UT, I wasn’t surprised.  I just leaned back, remembered those cute over hyper petite blondes and brunettes and thought how not much has changed.

PS…I have never been more proud to be a UT alum.  Hook’em horns and thank you cheerleaders for making us look good.

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