From Atop a Sand Dune

Let us get the obvious out of the way…

It’s FUCKING hot! Houston is like Canadian Tundra compared to this place. I’ll get you guys a photo, but the humidity and sand just sort of hang in the air for you to choke on. 50 degrees is typical right now. The pool is more of a hot tub asking you kindly to cool back off out of the water. Not that any of this maters, b/c staying outside is damn near impossible anyway.

Now that I have that out of the way…

Dubai is what your kind brother would do if you gave him several trillion dollars. This place is not bread of necessity, but rather of a desire to be grander than anything else…ever. The Hotels are outlandish. The builders taller than what you think possible. The water parks bigger than anything else in the world. They build islands in the ocean and dig seas in the desert.

This is all for people who may or may not show up. It’s a strange feeling at times.

This giant non-alcoholic kegger is an amazing place to learn about people though. Everyone is here. Where the U.S. has only a few major ethnic groups who all think they are being discriminated against, here there are so many cultures that you can’t tell the difference anymore. In this way it is simply amazing. There is no telling who is serving you dinner, or what cultural groups you work with. The one known is that you work for the emirate. Thats pretty clear. They own everything. Literally, you must sell half your firm to have a certain degree of freedom to work  in this country. For example, WalMart would become Al-Futtaim Walmart or something along those lines. Very unique concept.

So what can you gain from this –> U.S. civil rights activists are bullshit.

So if you own half of everything (and then some), you have fast cars. There are many nice cars here. I have never seen so many Range Rover’s and BMW X5’s decked out in my life. The flip side of this coin is that there are no mid-range vehicles. You either drive a $100k+ car, or you drive a roll up window Yaris.

The Bathroom–>

I will have to take a picture of this for all of you. It is a classic. You cannot place toilet paper in the toilet (of course you can, but its frowned upon). There is a trash can next to the toilet for disposal. Not that this matters, b/c the TP doesn’t get dirty. You must first wash your ass with the hand held spray cannon (I mention cannon only b/c of the high pressure and searing heat). Imagine you kitchen sink hand held spray nozzel. Yes, they put one next to the toilet. You too can now have your daily enima.

I’ll get back on here soon with some pictures of this place along with some stuff on the job.


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4 Comments on “From Atop a Sand Dune”

  1. The Leader Says:

    The bidet! LOL… these things can get pretty insane. Who knew you could get sanitized without the use of your hands. Pretty impressive….

  2. xtalx Says:

    nothing like a clean arse.

  3. vzla75 Says:

    hahaha…that’s right i have not seen one of those for a long time. have a clean sphincter

  4. LingLingTheRedDragon Says:

    I want that toilet!

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