Cash Rules Everything Around Me

So I’ve spent the bulk of this Saturday afternoon watching repairmen and cable guys at work… All the while, I’m playing my spankin’ new copy of XBOX 360’s Soul Caliber 4. A game I would have never have bought if it wasn’t for a little creating accounting last night.

See Chad, Kris, and myself decided to do some barhopping locally rather than head out into midtown. Our trek led us to Sherlock’s and Fox & Hound, amongst other places and what we discovered was not much of anything other than beef fajitas tacos on the patio. Being that as it may, we decided to pool our newly ATM’ed dollars and parlay our drinking money into a hot new video game. Home by 1am. Full cheesecake from Walmart devoured by 2am. Passed out from video games at 3am. Not bad for sixty-five dollars.

Soul Caliber 4 Screenshot

Soul Caliber 4 Screenshot

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